CQBC Progress Update: Silk Ribbon

Today I completed one more task, woven roses! These roses were a joy to stitch, especially since I was a bit familiar with the "spider web" (aka: woven wheel, woven rose) stitch. Working it with ribbon, instead of embroidery thread, creates a lovely dramatic look.
My previous task was to do a SRE (Silk Ribbon Embroidered) Iris, pictured below.
The Irises were also a joy to stitch! I need more practice, of course, but overall I'm very happy with my very first experience in working silk ribbon embroidery. Kathy is very thorough in giving us direction, instructions, constructive criticism, and encouraging support... a great teacher, indeed!

I'm thrilled that, thanks to this class, I was finally able to conquer the fear of working SRE (Silk Ribbon Embroidery)! About 6 years ago I acquired quite a few SRE books and a nice variety of silk ribbons in order to teach myself to do silk ribbon embroidery, along with a few books on Crazy Quilting... long story short, I ended up detaching all the ribbon and all the SRE books, only kept a couple of books on CQ. This form of needlework art was always in the back of my mind, and I'm so glad to be giving it a go at the moment!
The upcoming tasks will only get better; more SRE, beading, and embellishments. Can't wait! In the meantime, maybe I'll work on some of my current projects.
Until next time!