Stitch Love: Sweet Creatures Big & Small

I can't get over the super cute embroidery designs in Mollie's new Stitch Love book! I'm having a hard time trying to choose a favorite design, (bet you can't either). 
The book format has a pure simple cuteness reminiscent of Japanese zakka style books (which I love). The creatures are categorized into habitat groups, and they are all pictured already stitched. I truly like the fact, that when you open the book, the projects start shortly after. All the basics of embroidery and sewing are found at the back, along with the super cute traceable embroidery designs/patterns, and the projects templates.

Now, which "sweet creature" will I stitch first!?!?! 
PS: I have no affiliation with the author, or publisher house. I'm just sharing some "Stitch Love"! :-) Mollie's patterns are always so cute!