Very little. April flew by and I wasn't able to make significant progress on my wip's, but I knew that was going to happen and I'm ok with that. 
This month will be as busy as April if not more.... especially since we are approaching the end of our online/homeschool year and even though my dd is ahead on her work, this momma is behind with uploading her work. Until I catch up, my wip's progress will be super slow. As you see in the pictures, I'm still working on the Carnation and on the Spring Stitching Club english paper piecing project. I truly enjoy whatever little time I get to spend adding a few stitches here and there on these projects!
Need to squeeze time to keep working on some "hush hush" embroidery projects: redwork, owls, and on a belated housewarming gift that I just started. Maybe I give you a peek of it next time ;-). It's already posted on my IG... just in case you like to take a look. Enjoy the week ahead!

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