Slow Summer Stitching

Loving summer! More outings, fewer sick days,… bliss! Although currently I'm on a flare, I'm hoping it passes by quickly! This past Sunday we lost a very dear friend to a rare and aggressive type of cancer. She was my spiritual sister, but also a trusted friend and mentor, a roll model, an integrity keeper, a caring/kind/loving friend… she was like a mother to me. I will miss her immensely,... until we meet again! (Rev. 21:3, 4 / John 5:29)
Redirecting to a more positive mood. There's 2 projects for gift giving that I've been trying to spend some time with (here and there). 
This one...
and this one!
Perhaps the flare will force me to slow down and spend some time stitching! ;-)
Sneaked in this little guy just to make my stitchy routine interesting and above all to put a smile on my youngest cute face, koalas are getting her attention at the moment. You don't want to know how many times I've had to wash her koala pj's because that's practically all she wants to wear all the time while in the house. This little guy is from the Stitch Love book by Mollie Johanson. (I previously posted a brief review on it here.)
Need to go now, perhaps this time I won't be absent from the blog for to long… perhaps. Next time will try to show you how things are going with the embroidered flowers for my mom's lap quilt, or some other interesting stitchy bit that may pop in. Until later! Be well!!!