Japanese Embroidery Books Collection

Some of us enjoy collecting things. Do you? One of my favorite things to collect are Japanese embroidery books, they are so cute! My other favorite collection is of Aunt Martha's embroidery patterns. Perhaps you already knew this about me ;-).
When it comes to Japanese embroider books, I collect them for inspiration, motivation, and just for pure embroidery eye candy! Don't mind at all if I never get to make something from each of my books, in reality that'll be kind of impossible. 
My collection was started the year I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness from which, thanks to God, I'm able to call myself a survivor. During that trial-some time, (besides trying to keep myself built up spiritually, and surrounding myself with family/friends, and lots of positive thoughts) starting this collection gave me something to do and look forward to, especially since I wasn't able to be out and about. So much cuteness and beauty in each page gave me something to dream of that was at reach.
Nowadays living with a chronic illness is challenging, but it's not life threatening... from which I'm so very thankful for! These books keep having the same effect on me, they help with cheering one up a bit when in pain, however I'm not attached. They are just things, and "things" don't give me life and/or love. When I'm not able to participate in volunteer work (which is the activity I truly enjoy the most) these books serve a purpose; a therapeutic distraction from pain, especially when I get to make something from them! 
That's actually what this embroidery hobby is for me.. a therapy! My collection is still growing here and there. I have plans to have some fun making a few projects from some of these books once I complete certain in-the-making projects for some very special friends. In the meantime they keep entertaining me on challenging days, and helping me dream of better times ahead - Isaiah 33:24 / Revelation 21:3,4.
Do you have a special collection(s)? How did it started? Do you see your collection being complete at some point in time? Please do share! ;-) Below are a couple of pictures of the craft section of a visit to a Japanese embroidery book store in NY city. That was in 2011, how I wished I had more time to stay and browse more than what I did that day! Maybe some other time!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!