Countdown ... 1

The final of the three projects! This wasn't a swap, but a 'just because' token of appreciation of friendship. It arrived at its destination this past Saturday, so I hope when it is open it makes my friend smile! I know she likes: cats, to garden, victorian/cottage and country french decor... hopefully this will fit a bit among her likes :-). 

There are a couple of thank you notes (with a couple of goodies) that I need to send internationally, that is, once I'm able to step out of the house. Freezing cold weather has kept me inside the house for sometime. Sunday was freezing cold, however I'm so thankful that I was able to attend a special assembly held indoors in a large auditorium with my family. This week temperatures will go up a bit, supposedly, I'm definitely hoping so!

Now I can start to focus on keeping up with my personal projects... 2 english paper pieced quilts for my little ones, the Flower of the Month lap quilt for mom, and a few embroidery projects that must be completed. I'm hoping to get busy with all of them soon! 
Until next time!