Anniversary Gift / Simply Stitched Book Review

The english paper piecing project was put on hold in order to make part of an Anniversary gift for my husband. His work office has an elegant decor and I think this project will complement it. 

This was my very first time using tapestry wool, it was very nice and easy to work with. I used a regular pencil to trace my designs onto tracing paper, then on the back retraced the motifs with an iron on transfer pen (fine tip from Sublime Stitching), and ironed them onto my linen. Where it didn't transfer properly I used my Sewline pencil to go over those areas.

The embroidery goes fast with tapestry wool, but you do need to use more force to pull the needle in and out, which could make your fingers a bit sore if you are not use to embroidering with these materials. Could easily be compared to the feeling of stitching with ribbon and crewel yarn.

The 3 design motifs I chose are from the book Simply Stitched by Yumiko Higuchi . The Japanese version was already in my embroidery library, but Lindsey (from Zakka Workshop/ Worldbook Media) kindly provided me with the English translation to review. Miss Yumiko Higuchi is a master in the art of embroidery, love her work!
Simply Stitched  has very easy to follow directions, and easy to find materials (either online like I did or at your local needlework shop). Not only does the book provides embroidery motifs but also instructions to turn your completed stitcheries in to a variety of practical items. 
I already presented my husband with the finished piece and he was delighted and appreciative... we only need to find a custom frame for it ;-).