Spring Nostalgy

Took my littles for strawberry picking before the season comes to an end... which is soon. Happy that my youngest was able to experience strawberry picking for the first time!
Visiting the strawberry farm brought back many sweet and sour memories.

These strawberries were stitched in 2010. Mom, my oldest (then 4.5), and I went strawberry picking in April of that year. It was a beautiful sunny day, the strawberry season was just starting. We came home and got busy cleaning up the berries and baking a crisp. We also stitched strawberries. 
Mom was in her very early stages of Alzheimer's, she only stitched the seeds... I can't find her work :-( . Those 2 are my oldest's and mine. Thankfully I still have a couple of pictures of that precious day and the many priceless memories treasured in my mind & heart. 
Mom's Alzheimer is advanced. However, she is still able to show love in many little ways, especially giving kisses and hugging whomever is within her reach. Anyhow, I needed to find these today and live that day in April 2010 all over again. 

This mosaic above is from our recent visit... the plants were starting to wither and there weren't many berries to pick. The ones we found weren't as big as the ones from 2010, but they were very sweet... so no complains.
Next time we'll be sure to visit the farm at the start of the season. 
Now we are looking forward to blueberry season! The farm we go to opens to the public in July... can't wait!