Stash Enhancements: Japanese Embroidery Books

On our recent trip to New York City we stopped by Kinokuniya (Japanese bookstore), at my request ;-). We were just a few blocks away so we walked there.

My husband and kids were so patient. I browsed the entire hand embroidery section and a bit of the patchwork section as well. The kids requested to browse the Sanrio section... which I happily obliged.

Here are our spoils!

Three books for my ever growing Japanese embroidery book collection. Which I may never get to make something out of each one of them... but, hey, collections are mainly for looking at ;-). Right? Like teacup collections, spoon collections, thimble collections, you name it.

The kids also got a couple cute folders for their homework... ok, ok, that top one is mine... LOL. 
It was fun to visit NYC once more! Especially since we got to tour all the Bethel facilities and the Stanley Theater in NJ.
I'm still catching up on things around here, better go! 
Until next time!