Darling Dachshund

My oldest dd was able to finish her darling dachshund wip into a softie rattle -that also squeaks, for her baby sister. She even wrote a sweet note to go along with it! Once her baby sister was up from nap, dd presented her with the softie and read her the note. Baby girl was so happy & grinning especially after dd finished reading her the note, (which made me think she must have understood what was going on) it was so sweet to presence such a beautiful scene!

Above are "in the making" pictures of the darling dachshund and below of dd's crafty space, which I believe I may have posted on a previous entry.

She's already making plans for her next solo project. We also have plans to continue our alphabet samplers SAL plus we'll be starting Barney Park stitch samplers (by Charlotte Lyons) soon, more on that later.
Great end of week to all!
Until later!