Work In Progress Projects

Will really like to complete these 3 projects before spring arrives. 1) Aunt Martha's design (current bird block of ongoing lap quilt), 2) Kathy Schmitz's design from her book Stitches from the Harvest, and 3) Alicia Paulson's Daisychain ABC's Crewelwork Sampler
At times it is hard to keep motivated. Hopefully motivation will strike again soon. What helps you keep motivated to finish a project? Please do share!


darlynn said…
love your work! thank you for sharing. where did you find the fabric for the aunt martha embroidery?
Birthe Marie said…
So beautiful embroidery. Hope you find inspiration and get them done soon. My motivation is to sew one embroidery first and then the next embroidery, and then there is only one left. Of course, it should also be finished. Good luck! :-D
darlynn, ... Thanks! It is from the same company that makes Aunt Martha's transfers, a quilt top from Colonial Patterns. Currently, you may find it in the clearance section on their website as: Aunt Martha's Quilting Fabric - Retro Flower Print. Hope this helps!

Birthe Marie, ... Thank you for the advice! :-D
Bonitos trabajos, me gustan esos bastidores con esa forma
darlynn said…
Yahoo~~ I purchased the striped quilt top fabric, and on sale! thank you

EL RINCON DE CHELO, ... Gracias! Son bastidores Hardwicke Manor, in case you will like to check ;-).
Glenda said…
Cute WIPs =). If I'm stitching it for myself, I don't worry about motivation. If I feel like stitching, I stitch. If I don't, I don't. I know that my itch to stitch ebbs and flows, so I just roll with it! Now, if I'm making something for someone else, that's motivation in and of itself to complete it =D.

darlynn, ... How great!!! I wonder what will you be creating with it :-).

Glenda, ... Thanks for sharing!