Cute Birdie from Sweet Stitches book by Aneela Hoey

As promised, here is a closer look at the cute birdie from the Sweet Stitches book (which I mentioned in more detail, fourth picture on this post). 
All embroidery threads are DMC skeins, color numbers I to use: 22, 326, 3781, 3881, 3895. Stitches used: Running Stitch (bird's body and legs), Back Stitch (birdie's chest / belly), Chain Stitch (cherries) Straight Stitch (beak and eye) , Stem Stitch (cherries' stems).
It is a very simple design and so cute!
Here is the picture that I posted before.
Perhaps, later on, I may want to stitch it again in a different color combo. That is, after making progress on some of my other projects... like the ones mentioned on previous post.
Until next time! 


Kim said…
Very cute! Love your stitching!

Kimberly-Nutbrown Cottage, ...Thanks! You do beautiful embroidery too!
Glenda said…
So sweet! Her patterns are adorable.
Magpie Sue said…
What a cutie! Thanks for stopping by my blog - now I'm going to check out more of yours!