Organization: Useful Bags

For awhile now I've been keeping some of my most needed hand embroidery / cross stitch tools, supplies, materials, and patterns easily accessible by putting them in these see through purse organizers. At this point in my life, see thru crafts bags are very helpful. I really like how these are made, and the various pockets. The middle pocket do not have a zipper which works perfect for me.
Started with the smallest one, but then decided that I needed to have the hand embroidery items separate from my cross stitch items. Most of my current work-in-progress projects are hand embroidery projects, so I thought a slightly larger bag will be very handy to accommodate the necessary things for the ongoing embroidery projects. Glad to have found the same color in a larger size -although the red colored one was calling my name... which I still may get ;-) for taking with me inside purse when traveling. They sit at plain sight on my needlework chair which is in the master bedroom, so I wanted them to blend in a bit. 
Found them on Amazon, if you search for 'clear purse handbag tote organizer' you should be able to find a few,  but only some offer 2 sizes: medium (about 11"L x 6" H by 3" W) and 
large (about 13"L x 7.9" H x 5.5" W). As mentioned at the beginning, the largest middle compartment which is the main compartment on both bag sizes do not have zipper. Neither does the outer pockets. The only two pockets with zippers are the long pockets sandwiched in between the smaller outer pockets and the largest middle compartment. On the first picture you can see better the structure of both. I'm sure if you have basic sewing knowledge you could easily make them. For my personal situation it was just easier, cost effective, and more convenient to buy them already made.
How do you like to keep craft items that you need to have handy?
Would you mind sharing?
Thanks in advance! 
Until next time!


Kristina said…
I love the clear bags. I deep cleaned yesterday, and found several tote bags. They are not clear, but I'll be putting a current project in each one soon.