Brief Project Update

Today I took the Give Thanks project out and added a few stitches to it. Was debating what color to stitch the bird (blue or black), black won! After finishing with the acorns caps, started the bird.
Above is how my organized mess was looking while I stitched. I love seeing pictures of others' creative messes, especially if they are related to hand embroidery! So post away people, let's see what you got! ;-)
Back Stitches for the lines inside the wing, and Stem Stitch for the outline of it. This close up above is of the Stem Stitch. I like to stitch the Stem Stitch the traditional way, instead of using a very popular shortcut for it. Why? Because it creates a neater back ;-). In  fact, the lower outlined of this wind was stitched with the shortcut version, will show you the back later so you can see what I mean. 
Picture above was posted (on a previous post, second picture), when I was getting ready to start. Stitches from the Harvest is a book by Kathy Schmitz. Honestly Kathy creates so many cute designs that it is hard to choose which ones to work on! 

In other news... One of the kiddos got a clean bill from the dentist, the other one not. So we'll be working on that soon. I have a couple of medical tests this week, hoping all goes well!
May you all have a great week ahead!
Until next time!


Kristina said…
As always, beautiful work. Have a nice week.