Skippy, August OSTC, Give Thanks, Harvest, and Count Your Blessings

Stopping briefly to add a better update on current projects.
Above is the actual progress (mentioned on previous post) on the Count Your Blessings by Country Cottage Needleworks cross stitch design. No current progress on that one. You can also see the Bitzy Bob 2 recently purchased from ThatsSoKelly on Etsy to keep my cross stitch project work in progress floss organized, handy and portable. Recently placed an order for the original Bitzy Bob for my small hand embroidery projects, like the Once Stitch at a Time Club monthly embroidery patterns by Kathy Schmitz. It fits in my purse or just in bare hands nicely, and it is very light.
Above, ready to go, is the Give Thanks design also by Kathy Schmitz, from her book Stitches from the Harvest. It is the project pictured on the book cover. Used a Sublime Stitching iron on transfer pen to traced the design after it was printed. Traced from the back in order to keep the same orientation as the original, then ironed onto Moda Crackle (color: Linen) fabric. Didn't need to use the light box or a window, just placed a white sheet of paper behind the printed one and it was easy to see for me to trace. Will be using the DMC conversion instead of the designer threads called for.

It's been stormy/rainy here these past few days, so the picture above and below don't show as well. Haven't been able to keep making progress in any of my embroidery WIPs or start new ones because my hands are a bit sore, but will show you these two littles, above, that were finished few days ago: Grateful Bounty (August 2018 One Stitch at a Time Club design), and Skippy's Green Jumper 3" design (PDF on Kathy's shop). Need to dissolve the Sticky Fabri-Solvy. Hoping to start on Harvest (PDF on Kathy's shop) soon along with the Give Thanks, that's the one you can peek on my tablet. I guess preparing projects count as progress! ;-)
Also my daughter is helping me out with the stitching of the September's 2018 One Stitch at a Time Club design. Printed on Sticky Fabri-Solvy, now called Stick'n Stitch by Sulky. She's doing a great job, if I may say so myself ;-)... look only the squirrel left and she started it yesterday. This one is enlarged, printed onto Stick'n Stitch, and pasted onto a white flour sack kitchen towel by Colonial Patterns. My daughter is using DMC to embroider it.
As I have mentioned before, I do not stitch for holidays since we do not celebrate them, but totally love doing seasonal stitcheries... all these patterns are perfect for this upcoming Fall/Autumn months! What is best, I might be on schedule to finish all of them on time! Take care! Until next time!


lil red hen said…
Wow!! you get so much done!
I'm not familiar with the Stick'n Stitch; how is it used?
Your daughter is doing excellent work, just like Mama!
Que bonitos bordados!!!