A Finished Ruth and Count Your Blessings Progress

Last pool outing with my littles meant a finished Ruth... yes!!!
So glad that was able to complete the embroidery before the official end of summer. Love how it turned out! For a moment doubted my color choices, but glad that I kept going because I really really like how it looks. Used Sulky Petites which are a 12wt thread. More about Sulky Petites in this previous post, and on this post the beginnings of Ruth.
This cross stitch project is going slow, but I'm enjoying it and that's what really matters ;-). Actually the 2nd sheep is done too. Thinking that maybe, just maybe, tomorrow I might be able to work on it a bit more. Really not looking forward to stitching the grass... that's a lot of grass! May recruit my daughter to help me with it. Since my chosen fabric was 14 count aida instead of the one called for in the design, ended up using 3 strands instead of 2, which meant that ended up ordering two more skeins of that color just in case I ran out.
Have to go now. Until next time... be well!


Beca said…
Beautiful! ♥
xx Beca
Kristina said…
Beautiful work! I have yet to get my thread out yet. I'm so busy crocheting for an upcoming Farmer's Market that it's on the back table. Can't wait to get it out again.
lil red hen said…
Thank you so much for the comment you left for me about putting my blog to rest for now. I always look forward to seeing your posts; you do such beautiful, precise work. I admire the way you continue to work even on days when you probably don't feel well enough to be embroidering. I'm hoping to get caught up on some works in progress this winter.
Thanks! Have fun crocheting and a successful Farmer's Market!
Thank you for always stopping by and being so encouraging! Surely you'll have fun with your winter projects!!! Hopefully you'll give us a little peek some time!!!