Works In Progress

Still warm around here, but Fall is definitely in the air! Love how the sunlight changes when autumn is approaching, which is already happening!

I'm enjoying cross stitching, it's kind of neat to see a design growing stitch by stitch on the fabric without having a design transferred onto it, but all the counting is exhausting... so I took a break and went back to my freestyle embroidery! Especially in the postdrome of a migraine (aka: migraine hangover), yeah... no counting please, just give me some freestyle.

Little by little advancing on the various works in progress projects, plus added a couple new starts to the mix ;-). You know, got keep things interesting ;-)! It felt so good and so refreshing to just stitch away without having to count, LOL. Plus in the great company of my older daughter, we talked and stitched, moments to treasure indeed! Her stitches and technique have improved so much!

Will try to be back soon with pictures of completed stitcheries, and perhaps a bit of show & tell. Until next time! Be Well!


Your photograph is lovely! I don't cross stitch anymore but I remember how satisfying it was too! Enjoy! I can't wait to see it!
Connie said…
The photo above filled with bits and pieces of your needle work is just what I needed to inspire me to pick up a small project, some little thing to work on until I have time for larger projects. I'm always thinking ahead of what I need to work on, but don't have the time. Instead I'm going to relax and find a small project to satisfy my soul until canning is done and the garden is cleared and I have more time for sewing:) You are an inspiration. When you publish a post, you just never know how it might touch the heart of another blogger or how they will react to it.
Thank you,
Connie :)
Muchas Gracias!!!
So happy to know that this post motivated you to do some stitching ;-)! It warms my heart!