Cross Stitch Bug Bite

Yes, was bitten again! Awhile back I did a little exploration on cross stitch,... only stitched a pink parasol and a tiny clothes line. 
This time around I've started with a designer pattern, "Count Your Blessings" by Country Cottage Needleworks and I'm using the called for threads. Hoping the stitching of the grass on the chart goes quickly!
Since I'm a beginner my choice of fabric is Light Oatmeal Fiddler's cloth aida 14 count , still don't understand well how to start a design on even-weave fabric. I know the concept of two over two or one over two, just don't know how to start the actual stitching... so aida it is for now. A few patterns already made it to my stash, plus I found a few I've put away, few years ago, from that first time trying cross stitch. Being a hand embroidery enthusiast means that my current stash of threads will become very handy.

This is how I'm storing my WIP, realized that I do not like folding the aida... it creases and not sure if the creases comes out completely with a good ironing. While I find out the answer, I'll be rolling my fabric and securing it with a needleminder to prevent unrolling. The blue mesh pouch is from Amazon. We'll see how long the effects of cross stitch bug bite last this time around ;-).

Moving on to my regular subject... here is some progress on my One Stitch at a Time subscription, August pattern (by Kathy Schmitz).  I'm using DMC Color Variations no. 4125. Will like to finish it before receiving the email with next month's pattern. I'm thinking for the next one I'll just trace it on the fabric or use an iron on transfer pen. 

My mom used to do all kinds of needlework, I'm the only one of my siblings that is following on her footsteps. Teaching my kids as I go. Very soon I'll be giving punch needle another go! What can I say, the apple didn't fall far from the tree... I'm a needle and thread junkie and I can't deny it :-). 
Be Well! Till Next Time!


Kristina said…
I haven't done cross stitch in a while. I am considering making something for Christmas gifts, just depends on cost.
Que bonito bordado!!
lil red hen said…
I know your counted cross stitch work will be lovely! Rolling the Aida cloth is a splendid idea! I seem to remember that folds don't iron out all that well. My mama also did all kinds of needlework, but quilting was her first love. Since quilting is my main form of needlework, I suppose the "apple didn't fall far from the tree". However, tremors in my hands and the fact that I'm getting so slow, have put a slow-down on any handwork.
It's amazing how much we can spend in crafts/hobbies!
Thank you for your compliment and for sharing your experience with the Aida cloth!
Sometimes life and/or circumstances slow us down, but as long as we still enjoy what we create and the process of making that's what really matters ;-). Your needleworks are so beautiful!