Bluebird Birdhouse - Tweet Home

Obviously I have a thing for birds... how many can you count?
This is the pattern I referred to on the previous post... started it and finished it on the same day between chores.
This pattern is actually larger, another lovely design by Kathy Schmitz called Tweet Home.  For this little piece I decided to only stitch the top portion of the design. 

Printed the pattern onto Sticky Fabri-Solvy (now called Stick-n-Stitch). Using variegated threads in my stash and aiming for only one kind of thread per design, yes there are more stitcheries waiting in line. All small patterns  (that's a 4" hoop) easy to complete and very portable. 
Here it is all finished! Didn't fill in the cherries or the birdhouse as in the original pattern. Stitches used: back stitch, fly stitch, running stitch, chain stitch. Fabric: quilt backing from Hobby Lobby. Thread: Artiste embroidery floss/thread. Color: Romance. This skein was one I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby awhile back for only .49 cents ;-) ... the original price was $1.39. I normally use DMC, but a girl couldn't pass a great deal on pretty variegated floss. The color is truer in the first picture.

Backyard birds are lovely and so fun to watch! In our old place, through our living room and breakfast nook large windows, we used to enjoy admiring the potpourri of colors, sizes, and behaviors of cardinals, bluebirds, woodpeckers, brown creepers, robins, seasonal bluejays and yellow finches, etc.  Here we don't get to see them as close as we were used to... we truly missed that.
Enjoy the weekend! Until next time!

Non-affiliated link:
Kathy Schmitz blog post with this pattern freebie Tweet Home, you need to scroll almost to the end of the post to find it.


Precioso bordado!!
Connie said…
Just lovely!
Beth said…
Love birds and hues of blue.