Short Stitchy Update on Ruth Rabbit

These past few days were hectic!  Slowly going back to our daily routine, and finally today was able to post this update on Ruth. 
Not much done as you can see, but hopefully tonight or tomorrow I'll add a few more stitches to it... definitely need to finish her face to give her some character ;-). FMS flares not yielding, but will not bore you with that. A bit of stitching, some heat/meds combo, and upbuilding audio material will definitely serve as therapy.

I started another Kathy Schmitz pattern, or better said, part of one of her patterns. Will post soon about it! 
Enjoy the rest of the week! 

PS: More information on this pattern at the end of previous post.


Precioso bordado!!!!
Beca said…
Goodness. I hope you feel better and find some relief soon. Maybe the stitching will be relaxing and soothing. Prayers for you dear.
xx Beca
Thanks, hope so!