At some point I will continue to work on this quilt. The one that was meant for mom. There are a few older blog posts about this project. When mom's health started to rapidly decline it took us (my siblings and myself) by surprise, it happened so fast, like a ride down a playground slide. My grandmother (mom's mother) lived for many years with Alzheimer's, even her late stages were quite long. We thought it was going to be the same with mom. Not so. Perhaps the fact that mom also had Lupus accelerated everything? Can't know for sure, but it is a possibility. Perhaps, all was clear all along and we were somewhat in denial? Maybe. What if the natural disaster that hit the area had to do with it? No matter how many questions we may ask, what we do know for sure is that the 'unexpected events befall us all'. - Ec 9:11.
For safety reasons only certain things approved by the caregiving facility were allowed in her room, handmade quilts weren't part of that approved list. Below is the last block I got to finished awhile back.
This coming November will be a year. Finishing it and using it will definitely keep many memories, happy and sad, alive daily. One of my sisters and my niece encouraged me to finish it, they were the ones that helped me stitched two of the blocks. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the rollercoaster trip of emotions that will come to mind once I continue working on it. A totally different mind set from the one I started with. Maybe I'll continue where I left in November.... or not. Just going to wait and see.
Hoping your day is going well!


lil red hen said…
These blocks will make a beautiful quilt. I'm hoping you will have more happy memories than sad ones. I gave a handmade patchwork quilt to my dad and his wife ( I could never use the word mother with her). He used it in the nursing home and when he passed away, the quilt couldn't be found. My sister and I assumed his wife's children thought she had made the quilt and took it. She had died before he did. But, that's "water under the bridge" as the saying goes. I just wish I could had received the credit for making it. :)
Connie said…
I'm so very sorry to hear about your Mom. Put your quilt up for a while and spend your time on happier things. There will be a time when you want to work on it again. It's lovely, absolutely lovely.
God Bless you and your sisters.
Connie :)
barncat (Lisa) said…
Those flowers are so pretty and would look beautiful in a finished quilt. I made my dad a memory quilt to hang in his nursing home room as long as the home would let me leave it up, it's now safely tucked away, something I'll have forever. I hope it made him happy to look at when he was alone. A barn, a tractor (he grew up on a farm), his church, the embroidered names of me and my sisters, all the things that were important to him. I think you should finish your quilt, maybe add names and dates. It would be beautiful and a wonderful momento.
Kristina said…
As always, beautiful work.
Beca said…
Prayers for you sweet friend. Coping with these type of things is so hard. Hugs! ♥
xx Beca
Me encantan esos bordados!!!!