Setting Up a Crafting Space

Since we moved, I haven't been able or motivated to set up my new craft space. I've been missing my old space and how enjoyable the natural sunlight of that room used to be.
I'm adding a few pictures of my old craft space here. We had a very large home, beautiful custom home.... but it was challenging for me to keep up with (even with the help of my husband)... living with chronic illnesses makes things a bit challenging. We refocus and decided to downsize a bit.
 My new craft space will be craft room/guest room, so I'm lost as to how I'm going to set it up. The old one used to be in the kids playroom. So I had it set up to simply look like a craft space.
 New projects, books, work in progress projects, supplies, etc., used to sleep right on top of my desk. Waiting for me whenever I had free time to keep working on them, without having to dig them out.... or even worst, being forgotten. (By the way, I'm having to use see thru project bags lately to help me remember what things are in progress or new starts.) 
 Sometimes it was tidy just like the picture below, but that wasn't the norm. Every little crafty mess, was a happy mess ;-).
 Do you have to share your crafting space? If so, how do you make it work? I'm hoping to start setting up that craft/guest room this winter, if not sooner. Perhaps a sofa bed? Make it look like a lounging space? Really don't know.
We even thought of getting a bit of help from an interior designer, just to point us in the right direction and help us make the room multifunctional for a craft/guest room that looks put together and harmonizes with the rest of the house. If it can't be done in a satisfactory way, I may have to arrange a corner of the master bedroom for my hand embroidery, EPP, and cross stitch. In a way I'm already doing that, but may have to set it up in a more aesthetically functional way. 
Anyhow, today was a bit cloudy so didn't take pictures of some finished embroideries I wanted to blog about. Hopefully tomorrow we have some nice sunlight to take a few shots and post them here soon! Be well! Until next time!


Kristina said…
Mine is in a few areas due to the space I have. It's messy right now as I just finished a craft show and have yarn everywhere. Love your work!
Unknown said…
Hi, I identify with your problem as we moved in January from a house with a separate sewing room to a "downsize" house and I now share my sewing space with the guest room. It has been a challenge and we've come to a compromise solution. The craft/guest room has a decent sized closet and I've converted it all to shelves and drawer units. That allows me to stash projects and clutter behind closed doors when I want the room to appear neat and orderly and less like the studio that it is most of the time.

The second compromise is more dramatic and not for everyone! We've decided to not host overnight guests except for the occasional solitary traveler (usually a sewing friend or one of our granddaughters. We downsized to a nice twin bed in the room which gives me an excuse to make twin quilts and gives us a second bed for an individual, but allows more space for sewing. This solution works for us only because the people who routinely visit us either already stay in a hotel or are open to the idea. We've made it a point when we share the news about our new home that we no longer have a guest bedroom but that we are thrilled that our new area has a number of affordable hotels near to our home.

This solution might not work for everyone if you routinely have visiting friends, kids and grandkids and WANT a space to have them in your home. Over the years we used to joke that the expense of owning a house with an "extra" bedroom was ridiculous given the few weeks (if that) that it was use during in a year. It would be far less expensive for us to pay to put our guests up in a hotel rather than pay to own a home with space for them. We haven't done that yet as everyone in our life currently can easily afford the expense but I recognize that young families can't always do that. You could consider hosting your guests in a separate place so that your sewing room gets to be yours all of the time. Good luck!
lil red hen said…
I think you will enjoy having a separate room for your crafts. Of course all my children are grown and away from home, so I had a bedroom to use for my sewing room. It's a small room with two windows, a closet with double doors, and an exit/entry door. I have a large quilting frame which takes up a lot of the floor space, so there's no room for a cutting table but I do have a large cabinet where the sewing machine sits and stuff sits on shelves. The closet is full too. :) It works for me; I try to keep it straightened but when I'm really into a project the floor under the sewing machine gets cluttered with little scraps. My goodness! I've written too much!
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