My husband took me for Afternoon Tea as an early wedding anniversary celebration. Becoming his wife has been one of the best decisions I've made in my life, my husband is my best friend! We were actually supposed to go for an anniversary dinner on the actual date, but I wasn't feeling good so it was nice to have made it to Tea a couple of days earlier. Picture below was of the last course... desserts! I drank Oolong my husband choice was Darjeeling.
My older daughter gifted us a few things, she made me the embroidered squirrel in the picture above (pattern by Kathy Schmitz), gave my husband wine glasses, wrote us an original poem that made me shed a few tears, gifted us with a home cook dinner and a couple individual size cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes... they were so good! We are so proud of her!
Our younger gave us some hand made cards, flowers, and coffee mug for my husband.  We are also proud of her ;-), we loved her drawings! Below is my card. On my husband's card she drew my husband taking me to a picnic.
Everything is in bloom around here, but we are getting a blast of arctic air these days.... (sigh). Perhaps some of you are starting your gardens, what are you planting this year? We add peppers to quite a few of our recipes. I do not have a green thumb so maybe will grow mine with needle and thread ;-). Here is vintage transfer in case you like to give it a go! Adding a few extra daisies around the peppers will give them a nice touch, I think.
Our family will have a busy month for volunteer work, we enjoy it so much! May y'all have a great week ahead!
Until next time!


Lilbitbrit said…
Happy anniversary and enjoy your time in volunteer work.
lil red hen said…
Your daughter's work is wonderful! "Like mother, like daughter"

Lilbitbrit ...Thank you!

lil red hen ...Thank you!

Glenda said…
Happy Anniversary =). Your older daughter's stitchwork is gorgeous, and I love your younger daughter's artwork.

Glenda, ...Thank you! ;-)