Summer Mini Getaway and Stitchy Progress

Our usual getaway, right before our 2019-2020 homeschooling journey begins. It was windy out in the balcony, so had to take the pictures super fast... didn't want my stitchy goodies flying away. LOL

Bit by bit, here and there, whenever I got the chance and/or desire to stitch. Already made a few mistakes some needed fixing, some will stay.

On our last road trip, few months ago, cross stitching in the car was a smooth ride. This time around motion sickness took over. So on our way to our vacation didn't stitch, cause of dizziness.  However, on our way back, I was ready and had with me my most recent hand embroidery WIP... that went well. 

It was a very nice week! We were ocean front and it was such a treat to see the breathtaking sunrise each morning. 
Now to have fun embracing another homeschooling year! (Germs and all, sadly.) Little one caught an adenovirus, it has not been that fun yet for her. Hoping it'll past soon!

May you all be doing well and enjoy whichever season you may be in on your corner of the world!

Take Me to the Sea hand embroidery pdf design by Kathy Schmitz.
August Cottage cross stitch design by Country Cottage Needleworks.


Bonitos trabajos!!!!