Homemade and Handmade

Little by little we (older daughter and I) have hand embroidered kitchen towels with various designs. It put a smile on my face to see these few folded and stacked. Various memories tied to each one of them. Probably all of our hand stitched towels appear in previous posts if you fancy to take a look.

The cooler weather always trigger my desire for hand embroidery, and for more than one cup of coffee a day as well. The flavor of  homemade pour over coffee is the best! No fancy machines or expensive gadgets. Well, I'll take that back... since I do use the microwave to heat up my water in a glass measuring cup. I've been looking into getting a glass electric kettle. In my opinion water boiled in glass tastes much better than boiled in any type of metal. Which in turn makes the perfect cup of coffee ;-).
Until next time!