Throwback Tuesday: Embroidery Threads

Presencia Finca Perle Cotton no.8 made in Spain
Cosmo no.25 Embroidery Thread made in Japan
DMC no.25 Embroidery Thread made in France
Sulky Petites no.12 made in Italy

I was finally able to pick up my needle and add very few stitches to my Garden Sampler, but since the progress was not very noticeable will wait to post about it. 
So left you with a throwback of some pictures of bright cheery embroidery eye candy ;-) , until next time! Be well!
PS: Any hand embroidery threads made in the USA?


Jenny said…
So pretty, so many gorgeous colours just waiting to be used.
Illamm said…
Superbes couleurs merci de nous montrer. :)
Jenny ... Thank you, yes!

Illamm ... Merci