Monday, August 15, 2016

Busy Summer

Taking a few minutes to briefly say hi! Hoping everyone is doing well! We are keeping busy. Here is a nice summary of some of my needlework doings these days. 

Be back in a few days with a proper blog update ;-).
Until later!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hand Embroidered "Vintage" Towels

There is something special about hand embroidered towels... even more so if the look is vintage. These towels embroidered by myself (blogged about previously) fit the bill. 
Around my neck of the woods is practically impossible to find these kind of treasures. Not always I'm able to splurge on original vintage linens, so I'm glad when I have some time in my hands to sit and relax stitching a new towel with a vintage look. There are so many free vintage patterns online, but Colonial Patterns still prints and re-prints vintage original designs... which as you may already know, I love collecting (1st picture)! 
I'm looking forward to adding a few more towels to my kitchen's linens drawer soon! 
Non-affiliated links:
Aunt Martha's embroidery transfers at Colonial Patterns.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Three More English Paper Pieced Flowers

Finally! Some progress on this project... about time!
Worked on them while watching "Pioneer Quest" on Amazon in the middle of the night, while sipping chai latte on the living room floor. Ahhh, amazing what one can get done while kids are asleep and insomnia is your companion. Back to "Pioneer Quest", truly enjoyed it! 
Photo of it below, on the next day, while my youngest (whom I purposely blurred on the picture) was letting me know her favorite fabric prints... little does she know that these someday, hopefully soon, will become part of a lap quilt for her.
Currently taking a break from Instagram, but decided to stop by and update my good old blog since insomnia decided to show up uninvited. Until next time!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Vintage Beauty

Are you captivated by the beauty of vintage linens? I certainly am, especially to hand embroidered ones. Browsing on Etsy I found this set of vintage towels that I just couldn't resist.
Mrs. Nancy (at GypsyGeranium on Etsy) packed these beauties very carefully and beautifully, shipped them promptly too. Excellent customer service! I can't wait to start displaying these lovely towels on my future kitchen (can't speak much about that for now). I really need to find a "partner in crime" that wouldn't get bored hunting down pretties like these ones on thrift shops, estate sales, etc. . For now I may have to splurge online, here and there when I see something that gets my attention. I'm specifically looking for floral designs or a combination of floral with kitchen utensils like these ones, nothing anthropomorphic for the ones that will be dedicated only for displaying. 
I also like bluework, and redwork, like the hanky above which I stitched sometime ago.
My time is so limited at the moment, however I'm planning to start embroidering some new towels with vintage patterns probably this coming fall. Maybe. At some point... I hope!
For now the current in progress projects must see some progress... can't get motivated enough to keep going, but I must! 
May also choose to do a set of towels with the cooking/kitchen design from several DOW (Days Of the Week) embroidery patterns. When in the kitchen, glancing at my oven's door displaying an embroidered towel, I must certainly do not want to be reminded of all the other chores that need to get done ;-). 

Remember Mrs. Laundry Hen? She hasn't make it into a towel 'cause of that same reason.  Interestingly most DOW embroidery transfers have Laundry on Mondays. I've been doing laundry on Mondays since getting married, what a coincidence! What about you? Which embroidery designs catch your attention?

Until next time!

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