Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Rolling Slowed Down

Well, the needlework roll is going at a slower pace these days. Chronic health issues are a pain in the neck (literally too), plus
a hectic schedule. At least there are always good happy things among the regular daily routine. Ok, back to needlework...
this one below, will be the next project to complete.

And.....yes, (blushing) I started a new project. A travel pillowcase for when my hubby goes on business trips, to replace the plain one he normally takes with him.

There are a ton of lazy daisy stitches (aka: detached chain stitches) on this pillowcase. It'll be a while.

Need to go now, hopefully next time I'll get to show you a finished project ;-).
Take Care! Till later!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Epic Alphabet

I'm on a roll. Another one done! 
Can you believe I started this in 2012?

Well, you know the saying; "Better late than never". ;-) 
Being snowed in helped. 
In fact, was able to do quite a bit of stitching. Will show you later.
Have a nice week!

Pattern is Epic Alphabet by Sublime Stitching.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Needlework Mindset Yieldings

Glad to report that changing my perspective in regards to my needlework has yielded quick results. Indeed!
Above is a small design a whipped up the other night from one of the Japanese embroidery books in my stash (which shows a bit on the background). The design is by Hiroko Ishii. Below is a super cute skunk from the same book, but by a different artist. Do you remember Pepe Le Pew? I think he will approve. ;-)
Below is my completed bee square on my ongoing future lap-quilt.
I tell you... definitely rolling with my needle. 

Now trying to decided which of these birds below will make it to the next square on the quilt. Leaning towards the left and middle envelopes.... most likely a ducky. Which one would you pick?
I have a ton of office work to do this week, so not sure if there will be any other projects completed in the next few days, but I'm glad the needlework rut is over.   
Enjoy your midweek!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Just coming out of a crafty rut. Slowly going back to working on my embroidery projects... old or new. 
Something that I realized about myself is, that putting restrictions on my creativity dampens my enthusiasm for needlework. From now on I'll work on whatever I want to work, whenever the desire strikes... as long as it doesn't take away time from the most important responsibilities and duties in my life.
Wow, it feels so liberating already ;-)!
Until later!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Busy Bee and Vintage Puppy

Started a project for myself ;-). Using Aunt Martha's embroidery transfers in my collection. It's a stress free, no deadline project.

This is the first stitched design, a vintage one. "Puppy Fashion Show" no. 3262.  Didn't want to cut the pattern, so I made a resized copy of the chosen design, used a fine tip iron on transfer pen from Sublime Stitching to traced the design from the back of copy, and then ironed it on the fabric.

I'm using a pre-printed quilt top fabric, from Aunt Martha's too ( 

Here it is all done... so cute!
The second design is from "The Busy Bee" pattern no.3681.

Totally enjoying the no deadlines. Whenever I feel like working on this project I'll pick it up and stitch away... therapeutic, especially when experiencing an intense fibromyalgia flare.

Kind of nice to be able to use what I already have in my stash/collection. Planning to add some fabric squares (also in my stash) to this pre-printed quilt top.  So liberating to hand embroider just for fun, without stressing for deadlines!

Non-affiliated link:
Aunt Martha's "The Busy Bee" and pre-printed quilt top from: .

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