Monday, April 30, 2012

Daisychain ABC's Crewelwork Sampler

Even though I had plans to start working on this sampler 
in March... that didn't happen.
by Alicia Paulson.)

Instead of actual stitching I did end up being able to find the threads that I wanted
to use for the sampler locally. At first using my DMC embroidery floss
 stash was the plan however I changed my mind and decided to stick 
to crewel wool as in the original but in colors that suited my needs.
I may not use them all in the sampler but, don't you think is nice to have
choices? Even venturing a bit outside the original colors
needed just to make it a bit fun and a bit more eye catching?
I most definitely think so! :-) 
Most likely this sampler will see its start by mid May or 
the beginning of June. I'm looking forward to working on it!
How many times (if any) have you have to postponed
crafty projects?

(This is a scheduled blog post. I'm still away.)

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Few More Stash Additions ;-)

From Colonial Patterns (aka: Aunt Martha's)
I bought a few new iron on embroidery patterns/transfers,
these below are the ones that made it to my stash.
3 Transfer Pattern Books: 
In addition to the transfer pattern books I also got
2 Stitcher's Revolution patterns for Dd's stash:
To round up my order (taking advantage of shipping $ limits)

 I added a pattern that I used to 
have but gave to my mother-in-law after I stitched
the daffodils in the set on a tea towel for her.
Maybe some of you remember this from my "old" blog...

... did you know that Jonquil is another name given to
Daffodils due to their distinctive hues of yellow?
I learned that when I stitched this towel :-).
This pattern is 3813 Flower of the Month and one that you may be able
to find where you normally buy your Aunt Martha's patterns.
By the way, the tea towel is from Quilter's Studio.
I placed a large order from them about 4 years ago and
still have some that need to be embroidered... that is
whenever I get around to doing that ;-).

Remember that not long ago I mentioned this pattern
below was on my wish list? It now belongs in my stash :-).
Bee's Word Crewel Embroidery pattern.
I purchased it from Emily's webstore here.
Emily blogs about her patterns while she works on them on her blog.
This one below also made it to my stash ;-).
Spring Bluebird Embroidery pattern.
You can find this one in Emily's webstore here.
Love these patterns inspired by nature!
Love to see/read about them on Emily's blog!

Mollie just release few new patterns and the one
that got my attention was this super cute set!
It is called Maxton Place and the set includes
9 super cute critters. You can find it
on Mollie's Wild Olive etsy shop here.

Finally browsing around I stumbled upon these
Dimensions Embroidery Kits:

Flower Doodles also purchased at 1-2-3 Stitch.
I think I'm done with embroidery pattern purchases for a while now...
(I think).
What have you added recently, plan to add or replaced
on your stash?

(This is a scheduled blog post. I'm still away from my blog.)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dd's Embroidery Wip's and Past Projects

Dd's current wip is this darling dachshund from
 Do you see her list? Yes people... she made a list
with the colors she will like to use to stitch the
different areas in her pattern or for details she
will add to the pattern (she is in Kindergarten!!!).
She also has an ongoing wip... a simple stitch sampler.
The picture below shows where she is at right now.
I wrote the name of the stitches with a pen and she likes
me to grade her when she is done with each line.
She did practice a bit of chain stitching but it was in a scrap
piece of fabric on a different hoop.

For her age and for been the very 1st time trying out this stitch 
I think she did pretty good. 
Below are some of her past projects:
a penguin (from a DMC My Style My Stitch Transfer pack),
 a girl's embroidery (freebie from Lazy May).
I introduced dd to very simple embroidery since she was one year old.
I do have a couple of pictures of her very 1st try at embroidery
but I'm not able to edit them well enough to get her out of 
the picture and leaving a clear view of her embroidery so I won't
be sharing those... too many creeps out there... ya' know!!!
I must tell you that Dd likes embroidery but is not her favorite
thing to do...( Her thing is drawing!!!
She loves to draw!!! She got that from her daddy :-).
Do you share your hobby/ies with your progeny and/or friends?

(This is a scheduled blog post. I'm away from my blog.)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Old Progress- About 3+ Weeks ago...(?)

Well, what can I say? My craftiness is kind of on hold.
Few weeks ago (in March) I pieced the last 3 blocks
for the 9 block quilt I'm making.
 Just yesterday I started and finished stitching the fluffy baby chick
on that block in the back. Last night I was able to start on
the cute and chubby baby elephant on the right block.
I'm hoping to finish stitching these today to be able to put this
small quilt together... I'm hoping!
My embroidery/crewel project, The Nesting Place, hasn't seen
any progress since the last few stitches I added to it (the leaves).
There is still much to do on this!
This one will definitely have to wait until I'm able to sit
comfortably on my Needlework Station to work on it... thing
that is very challenging at this point. The quilt blocks
are very easy and so portable, I work on them
for a few minutes here and there while with my legs up in the recliner :-).
I was disappointed for not been able to finish
both of these wips in a timely manner, however I can't bit myself up for it.
They will get done when the time is right!
Do you have any projects with a mental deadline that
do to specific circumstances, didn't get done on "time"?
How did/do you feel?
I will be scheduling some blog post here and there in order
not to neglect my little blog for to long ;-).
I still need to set sometime aside to catch up with y'all blogs
and with leaving comments. I may also
take sometime in replying to comments left on this blog's posts
... bear with me please! :-)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DMC Teaching Videos

Briefly stopping by to share (just in case you didn't know already)
 that DMC has some helpful videos
for the beginner embroiderer.
Spring break is here, perhaps a good opportunity
 to keep little antsy hands busy and those that are not that little anymore but still antsy too.
Summer break is around the corner which gives a good chance
(specially when it is to hot to be out) to take up a new
hobby, refresh what you've previously learned but haven't use in
sometime or build up on what you already know.
I've been embroidering for a while now and for some things
shown in the videos I have my personal preference and/or have
my personal style but I still found them helpful.
You will find more information, videos, tutorials, diagrams and free projects/patterns
covering a variety of needlework types on their website!
You can also find a stitch video library of quite a few hand embroidery
stitches on Mary's website Needle-n-Thread.


These may also interest you:

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