Dd's Embroidery Wip's and Past Projects

Progeny's current wip is this darling dachshund from
a Sublime Stitching pattern set.
 Do you see her list? Yes people... she made a list
with the colors she will like to use to stitch the
different areas in her pattern or for details she
will add to the pattern.
She also has an ongoing wip... a simple stitch sampler.
The picture below shows where she is at right now.
I wrote the name of the stitches with a pen and she likes
me to grade her when she is done with each line.
She did practice a bit of chain stitching but it was in a scrap
piece of fabric on a different hoop.

For her age and for been the very 1st time trying out this stitch 
I think she did pretty good. 
Below are some of her past projects:
a penguin (from a DMC My Style My Stitch Transfer pack),
a strawberry (from Big B Strawberries Embroidery Packet),
 a girl's embroidery (freebie from Lazy May).
I introduced her to very simple embroidery since she was one year old.
I do have a couple of pictures of her very 1st try at embroidery
but I'm not able to edit them well enough to get her out of 
the picture and leaving a clear view of her embroidery so I won't
be sharing those... too many creeps out there... ya' know!!!
I must tell you that she likes embroidery, but is not her favorite
thing to do...(sigh..lol). Her thing is drawing!!!
She loves to draw!!! She got that from her daddy :-).
Do you share your hobby/ies with your progeny and/or friends?