Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just A Couple

As promised, here are my daughter's
wip's. She only have two!

The 1st one is from the same Aunt Martha's transfer that I used
a couple of months ago,
here and here.
She is stitching on a floursack towel (aka: dish / kitchen / tea towel) from the same company. She is stitching this one as a thank you gift for family friends that we went
to visit few weeks ago.

Her second work-in-progress
embroidery project is the
Barney Park printed stitch sampler
from Charlotte Lyons.
We are kind of stitching along
on this one :-).

Here is a picture of her
finished Fridge Magnet alphabet after washing off the Sticky Fabri Solvy
and ironing it a bit.
This one is a Sublime Stitching pattern. We were kind of stitching
along on this one too but she
beat me on it, lol.
She wants to make her baby sister
a doll quilt with it!

Next time it will be my turn to
do a bit of show and tell ;-)!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Dd's Embroidered Alphabet and Stash

I've been a bit under the weather so today it's all about showing and telling
about my daughter.

My little one completed her alphabet back in September! I'm so proud of her! Now I'm the one that needs to find the time to finish mine.
She wants to complete her other wip's: a towel and the Barney Park sampler. Then she says she'll like to go through her stash and stitch from
patterns / transfers she already have before adding new ones.
(Obviously she didn't get that from me,... perhaps I should get a hint from her and do the same... perhaps.)

Ok, so back to my little one's stash, She inherited ;-) the basket
I was previously using for my
stash of embroidery transfer patterns.
Mine are now in a larger basket :-).
She wanted me to take pictures of her stash before putting it in her
basket. She also have some other printed samplers that are not on the picture.

Here they are all tidy!
**Note to self: Must respect what she wishes to do and resist the temptation
to fill her basket out. sigh**

She now keeps them in her room instead of the playroom. Now she'll be able to work on her projects whenever she pleases, previously that wasn't possible do to the safety concern of her curious baby sister getting too close to her supplies
(needles and scissors). Now she doesn't need to wait for the baby to be napping in order to embroider.
On my next post I'll show you my
daughter's current projects and will upload another picture of her finished
alphabet without the Sticky Fabri-Solvy. Until next time!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Aunt Martha's Transfers and My Dear Mom

The other day I was rearranging my collection of embroidery transfer patterns into a bigger home/basket and guess who inherited the smaller one ;-)...

...yes, my 2nd grader! She is already starting her own collection.
In fact she wanted me to take pictures of it and share them with you, which I gladly did and will share with you next time ;-).

You can tell I'm on an Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers kick ... lol.
They have always remind me of my mom, lately even more so.
She did hand embroidery for awhile... I must have
been 4 years old. If I'm not mistaken, mom's hand embroidery
years lasted probably until I was 10 y. old, more or less.
 Fond memories of her stitching and me sitting by her
trying to learn. I grew up and didn't pursue it until shortly before 
becoming a mom. Mom use to buy only Aunt Martha's, or at least I think so since I only remember the yellow envelopes. 
She also used to draw her own small simple patterns.
I have some plans brewing for a large but simple quilt with no specific deadline.
Maybe I'll share more on my next post.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dusting Un-Finished Projects

This project was started on October 2010.
It was the project of a two part class I took at a quilt shop that is no longer open for business.
I remember all the excitement and fun while selecting
the fabrics and the threads.
 On my old blog I did a post about this project and requested opinions
on which of these threads to use.
Then the stitching started, that is always my favorite part!
However like most of the times, I did get distracted here and there in this case
it was with the book pictured below.
My stitcheries were finally done and I needed to cut the excess fabric off. Six stitcheries
that will function as apron pockets.
Lovely autumnal light on that afternoon!
I was almost done with one of the two basket's aprons. 
This is my favorite stitchery! Want a closer look?
Ok, here you go ;-).
Then I decided not to machine stitch the pockets but to sew them by hand.
So I got a few more supplies for the task.
I started to blanket stitch the first pocket...
and that was as far as I got.
Just recently took it out of the ziplock bag I'm keeping this project in and was actually
able to finish sewing in place that 1st pocket.
I even started sewing the 2nd but then I had to stop and give attention
to the more important things in my life.
The picture below was one I took on my way to the class on that October of 2010. 
It was a lovely drive. Specially the scenery while driving over the lake.
It will be nice if I get a chance to finish it before next year.
Then I'll be able to say that it took me 3 years to finish instead of 4... (shame on me)!
Untile next time!

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