Quilt Project Wip (Block #1)

Yes, I'm done hand embroidering Block #1!
(picture below shows just before beginning to stitch)
I received the Sulky cotton thread 12wt a couple of days ago
and I'm so glad I got it. In the picture below you can appreciate
that the Finca perle cotton #8 was a bit to thick (at least to my liking)
for the tiny delicate lines of the small patterns I will be embroidering.
I was not able to finish it before sunset -you know how it
goes when you run a house and have progeny ;-)- but was glad
that at least it got done today.
I trimmed a bit of the excess Fabri-Solvy and was going to 
rinse it off but since I didn't pre-wash the pre-cut strips of fabric
I thought that perhaps I will just rinse them all
together after assembling the quilt top.
 What a cute teddy!
Bunny will be next... hopefully tomorrow will have it done.
I was going to stitch everything in dark brown but decided to
stitch the flowers in coordinating colors. 
The hand embroidery stitches I used on this teddy are:
straight stitch, lazy daisy (aka: detach chain stitch),
back stitch, fly stitch and satin stitch.
Besides the Sulky 12wt brown thread I also used
other threads from my stash: 
DMC Danish green flower thread (a non divisible fine matte cotton thread),
Cotton Floché in yellow and 1 strand of good old DMC in blue.
If you missed the beginning of this quilt project, perhaps 
you may want to take a look here.