What's Next?

Despite the few embroidery projects
I already have going and on which
I should try to keep making
progress, there are other
lovely projects that are calling
on me :-).

Like this Nature Walk Banner!
I think it lends itself to some
fun mommy & kids nature walks
through out autumn,
collecting nature little treasures
as we walk. Then when winter
arrives with its very cold
temperatures and our time
is mostly spend inside,
we could take out our collected treasures and gradually
make the banner.
I sure think the kids will
enjoy that, especially my oldest!
I will too if there are no
dead bugs involved.

So,... what will be next?
Hmmm, perhaps lots of tea drinking, cookie/muffin baking (along with
some treadmill-ing), and making
progress on current embroidery
projects, while we gather
our nature treasures,...
IF I'm able to ignore the
other cute stitchery designs
calling my name.
Isn't this Crewel Family Tree
project gorgeous? ;-)

Note: Projects pictured are
from Aimee Ray's latest book;
"Doodle Stitching Embroidery & Beyond".