Small Stash Enhancements

Three patterns made it to my stash in the past few weeks. I'm being really good and haven't splurge as I used to :-).

There are three new Stitcher's Revolution (by Colonial Patterns)! I ordered only two and may end up adding the third eventually. My favorite is the Spice of Life. From the Flower Power one I particularly like the design made of squares and rectangles on the left of the envelope, very cute! The third one is called Folksy Farm, that's the one I may end up adding to my stash, after seeing it stitched by Sew Incredibly Crazy on Flickr. She did a lovely job!

Finally, this cute Scotty DOW pattern also made it to my stash couple of months ago while Yesterday's Charm was having a sale. Not sure when I'll get to stitch any of these new additions but it sure feels good to have them handy for when the urge strikes ;-).