Beware of Distractions!

Taking care of priorities it is a must. Self-control aids with keeping distractions at bay.

However, at times, you need to give in a little bit... just don't let it become a habit :-).

So, that was exactly what I did while waiting for dinner to be ready. Let me give you a peek! First let us delight in the projects in "Stitch Along: 10 stitchers: 30 projects: 100 embroidery motifs". So many cute projects on this book! Three projects per designer plus more embroidery patterns in the back of the book. I was familiar with the work of 6 of the designers and now happy to learn about 4 more! This is a great book!

Second, "Teeny Tiny Menagerie: 380 Whimsical & Wonderful Animal Embroidery Motifs" it's the ENGLISH (I get very excited when super cute Japanese embroidery books are translated to a language I can understand!) and I already have the Japanese version but now I will truly get to benefit from the author's pointers and instructions... so exciting!!! Well, I better go now and finish dinner ;-).

Until next time!