Laundry Hen

Few days ago I was able to finally finish stitching Mrs. Laundry Hen (and made progress on some of my other WIP's, more on those later). The only thing I'm regretting now is the woven fusible backing ironed on the back, see those 'bubbles' ack, ... but, oh well, live and learn. Hoop marks still there, haven't ironed it yet. The last few stitches were for completing the laundry section, the grass, and flowers.
At the last minute I had to make changes to my goals for this month do to not feeling well and I'm ok with that,... so glad that with help, last month was a good one! 
Listening to upbuilding material as I hand embroider or as I work on English Paper Piecing serves as therapy for me. I think, that very soon, my therapeutic stitching sections will become frequent.