Basting Hexagons

  Basting hexagons for English Paper Piecing (aka: EPP) is relaxing! A couple of nights ago -thanks to my not so dear friend insomnia- I was able to finish basting the hexies that will become the petals. My Summer and Winter hexagons were basted with needle and thread, this time around I've been glue basting all the hexagons that will become petals and thread basting those that will be for flower centers.

  Now I need to finish the hand embroidery on the pieces of fabric that belong in the center of the hexie flowers, rinse them to remove the water soluble stabilizer, let them dry, give them a nice press with the iron, and baste them. Will love to have all 12 EPP Spring hexie flowers pieced before autumn. We'll see!
Hmmm, just realized that I may have not posted a picture of my Winter finished hexie flowers yet. Will do soon!

  Thanks for the recent visits and comments! Hoping to be able to catch up soon with y'all posts. FMS is really hindering what I can do this month for my volunteer work so I'm just alternating the way I normally do things in order to have my share, with the byproduct of a joyful heart and peace of mind. 
Have a great week!

Notes: The patterns I'm stitching on the pictures above are part of Mollie Johanson's Spring Stitching Club at Wild Olive on Etsy.