Hand Piecing Block #3 Bow Tie

While we were on vacation this little guy up there was born. I took all the things needed and while the rest of the family slept, this was taking place on the kitchen's counter overhang.

This time I followed the suggestions given for making templates. Pasted pattern pieces to a sturdier material. Only two templates were needed for this block. No hiccups along the way, thankfully. A very nice hand piecing experience!

Wondering where is Block #2? Well, let me just say that I am not ready yet to tackle it. I will be moving along to Block #4 which is super cute and not that many pieces, perhaps afterwards I will be ready for Block #2.

The fact that this one came together nicely on the first try makes me happy! Maybe the next blog post will be on hand embroidery ;-). Until next time!

Notes: Hand Sew Along hosted by Wynn at Zakka Art.