Mini Getaway

This mini getaway has become part of our family tradition. We try to go there almost every year. Even if we have other travels this particular one is the one I always look forward to (perhaps the fact that an airplane is not necessary makes it ideal for me). I'm glad I wasn't having a FMS flare, very thankful for that! We did a bit of everything and our little ones loved it,... so happy they did!

After last year's lesson, this time I was prepared with a few stitchy projects and was able to do the 3rd hand pieced block, started hand embroidering another Aunt Martha's design (more on this two stitchy projects later), and was able to watch North and South all by myself with no interruptions or commentaries from company. I don't watch much TV but truly enjoy a clean 'feel good' masterpiece movie without distractions or commentaries from company.

I think it was great that we ended up going at the end of summer instead of early/mid Autumn as we usually do. The weather was nice and warm, even hot for a day or two. I love the ocean and I love warm weather... pure bliss!

Now school begins and all that comes with it! Until next time!