Crazy Quilting Basics / Class Progress

As mentioned on my previous post, here is a peek at where I am at on my Crazy Quilting Basics Class hosted by Kathy Shaw.
After selecting my block fabrics and gathering my supplies, (which, thankfully practically all of them were already in my stash) the piecing of the block was do. I did the block, of course, mine is hand pieced. The picture collage below shows progress and completed Tasks 1 through 4.
Hand piecing the block wasn't hard but since I needed to follow a pattern (to my advantage) my focus couldn't shift from the block. Each and every piece needed to be on the right place. After the hand piecing was done I basted the block onto a large piece of fabric and mounted it in the Q-snap hoop neatly stretched, ready to be work on. Now my homework consists of learning how to plan the embroidery on a CQ block. I took a break for few days from the CQ class and did other less focus stitching in order to relax ;-) and finish a little something for a special someone.
I'll show you later what I made on my short relaxing break, but for now my focus is back and this homework needs to get done!
Will update later how I did on Task 5!
Until next time!