We've been having a few days of nice weather. Lovely cool bright sunny days! Especially, the early afternoons have been perfect. Volunteer work was great this morning and the brief stop at the market for produce and a few other grocery items went well.
Just recently I started a new hand embroidery project of a vintage pattern. There is a peek of it above, can't show much at this time. It's another hush hush project... ;-). Sipping and stitching is a good relaxing way to pass time!  What is your current favorite hot drink? Mine is Masala Chai Latte, made at home not from scratch. Can't drink coffee, in fact I stop drinking coffee since February of this year. Coffee makes me really sick from my stomach, but thankfully I'm able to tolerate tea at the moment. So tea it is and I'm loving it!
Above are the latest additions to my Aunt Martha's Transfers collection, aren't these above cute? Love those cute potholders... or panholders as they are called in the envelope. Couldn't resist, believe me, I try for weeks. The price was very very reasonable. No shame, the rest is history, and Bob's your uncle (I've always wanted to use this phrase, LOL, hoping I used it right).
Here in this blog is were I keep track of the things I've stitched, current wip's, and future projects.... so this cute little teapot needed to make an appearance. This was the previous hush hush project I posted not long ago. It was embroidered as a thank you for a very kind lady. She was so nice to me and I wanted her to know I truly appreciated her generosity! 

On other needlework news.... I've been taking an online, free, Basic Crazy Quilting class with Kathy Shaw. All is going well, so far. I'm learning a lot! Perhaps I'll share a bit of my class work on my next post. 
Until next time! Enjoy your weekend!