Violets, Done!

Here are my violets... all in full bloom! So glad I was able to complete this WIP I've been having for sometime, now on the hoop is the carnation. Not following any particular order and I'm leaving out the flower names and months.
Here are a few peeks at the work in progress ;-). I love work in progress shots... do you?
You may recall that I started this pattern set (Aunt Martha's no. 3813 Flowers of the Month) sometime ago... aiming to make a lap quilt for my mom. Hopefully I'll get through all the flowers in a timely manner. Below is a peek of the back, this is how I like to travel to keep things a bit tidy ;-).
Do you recall which was the first flower completed? No? Ok, here it is! Once all the blocks are embroidered, they may have to go to a professional quilter, that's the only way I see the lap quilt getting done. At least I'll have the pleasure of knowing that the flowers were hand embroidered by me .... for my mom.
Perhaps the next post will have some progress updates on some of my other wips... if not, then maybe a little peek of some goodies that recently made it to my stash. Until next time!

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Pattern: No.3813 Flowers of the Month by Colonial Patterns.