Baking Poodle (2nd Towel Update)

Guess what? Yes! Finally was able to do a bit of stitching!
The circumstances weren't the best, but by doing some embroidery I ended up turning a lemon into lemonade ;-). Below is the progress made so far. I modified the original pattern to fit my needs.

An injured lower back meant down time, so out my stitching came! Spent a couple of days housebound treating it.... it was so painful to walk, bend, reach, trying to sit and get up, etc. 
Much better now, thankfully! With lots of TLC, alternating between: heat pad, muscle ointment, medication, massage, and gentle movements. I'm almost back to normal! Here are a few other pictures of the progress (in regression).

Above, stitching at night with the help of clip-on-light. I was so close to be done that didn't want to stop, but my back was telling me it was enough. I'm afraid it may not be completed soon now that I'm better... you know, trying to catch up with everything that couldn't be done with an injured back. So close to be done!

At the time I had a taste for a piece of Lemon Poppy Seed cake with raspberries for garnish.. yummy!  If I bake it I'll probably eat half of it in a day or two (embarrassingly true). I never used to like the lemon homemade icing that I made, until I found a recipe online that called for butter in addition to the regular ingredients, and heating it in the microwave for (30 seconds? can't recall at this moment). It tastes great! No after taste of powder sugar... which I totally dislike. 

Stitching these french knots I hold the hoop upside down in order to be closer to that area for ease of stitching. I certainly do not bake wearing a pearl necklace ;-)... but it does gives the look of glamorous homemaking ... LOL. When seeing printed vintage advertising, it makes me wonder if ladies in the 40's did wear make up and high heels while doing chores. Do you know? 
Well, I let you go now ;-). Hoping next week will be a great one for all of you! Oh! Just in case you will like to stitch this Baking Poodle, I'm leaving it here for you ;-). Enjoy!!!