Hand Towel, Kitties!

One of the towels in my last order made it to my little ones' bathroom. I think this design could pass for a hand towel ;-).
Don't think this pillowcase design is vintage, since it's still in circulation by Fairway Needlecrafts Co. , design no.83079 Two Cats. They have it available on their website, and through other sites like Amazon, and 123Stitch.
Still it is as cute as it could be, and my little ones love it! 
They like hand embroidered items, so I'll be stitching a couple of hand towels (by request) for their bathroom... when I complete the few projects that are already hooped. 
Haven't been able to to stitch, but I think I might get a chance soon.
Hoping y'all have a nice week ahead!
Till later!