Throwback: Vintage Patterns

Wasn't able to take pictures of the new decorative towels made with vintage embroidery, neither was able to squeeze time for stitching. This is why I'm posting a little throwback to some vintage patterns that although intended for pillowcases, they will look lovely on kitchen towels as well. 

Things have been hectic with the move and all that it entails, plus I've been having a few rough days.
Thankfully every time we brought boxes we emptied them practically right away, so not that many left. Our new place is smaller and with an open concept, so it is taking a bit to figure out how to arrange certain things. I'm loving not having to go up and down stairs! My knee joints get so stiff that I look like a robot with no knee joints coming down our previous home's stairs.

Maybe by next Sunday I'll be able to take some pictures of the towels and post them, hopefully. In the meantime I leave you with these pictures, taken last year, of some of the vintage Vogart embroidery transfers from my collection. 
Hoping y'all are doing well!
Till next time!