Fall Towels Down

Briefly stopping by to update the blog before the end of this year. 
Haven't touch needle and thread since my previous post. Its been quite challenging these past few weeks, and I haven't felt motivated for any type of crafting. So thankful for the comfort & hope (Acts 24:15; Psalm 37:29,34; Revelation 21:3,4) from the Scriptures and the concern & love from family and friends that keep me going thru trialsome times!

Well, back to today's post... these were the Fall towels I had on display in the kitchen. Two of the few acquired as housewarming presents when we moved to our new home.
We do not celebrate traditional/popular holidays in our household. Our decorations are seasonal or year round, so these ones were out throughout autumn. 

I think the embroideries and colors in both of these towels match perfectly the fall months.

Today these were put away, and out came the ones that will be displayed throughout winter. Will post those later on.
Hoping everyone is doing well, keeping cozy and warm (as we are trying.. so cold here!), or cool and hydrated (for those of you in the hot months or warm weather)! I also hope that at some point during this winter my desire for needlework will return.
Until next time!