Back On The Saddle... Sort Of

While listening to upbuilding material I felt the desire to pick back up one of my projects that's been on stand by for some time.
Start of it posted here, and these are the designs I've stitched on it so far:
(above: out of print vintage, Puppy Fashion Show no.3262)
(above: Busy Bee no.3681 and below: Dottie the Duck no.3400... both still in print)
So those three designs are the ones already embroidered on my quilt top... by the way, I really love the pre-printed blocks on this quilt top. Thinking of using those pre-printed dotted lines as hand quilting pattern guide once the quilt top is done, most likely using perle cotton no. 8 or 5. Here is a link and picture of it in case some of you may want to check it out (non-affiliated link).  
I'm also trying to keep my selection of designs to be embroidered from my Aunt Martha's transfer collection. Easy going, no deadline, no stress stitching.
This last design is a vintage one, re-printed and found in the Aunt Martha's Vault section of their website (patterns in that section come without the envelope).
(above: Donny the Donkey no.3876)
I think this cute donkey is mesmerized by the singing of his tiny friend! My plan is to embroider every other block, and then appliqué squares of fabric from my stash on the rest of the blocks. I'll end up with a cheery lap top that will bring to mind fond memories.
Until later! Have a nice weekend!