A Couple of Vintage Embroidery Designs

Thank you for the sweet comments on previous post!
Stopping briefly to share a couple of vintage embroidery designs from my collection.  I'm still learning the photo editing application on my cellphone, so hopefully these are clear enough for you to save, print, and stitch. Enjoy!
Use your favorite method for transferring it to your fabric and have some therapeutic down time with needle and thread! 

We might be snowed in for a day or two, besides catching up with uploading homeschool work and house chores, I might stitch a bit. Don't think I'll start one of these cuties, most likely will continue working on one of my current embroidery projects.

OH... before I forget! There is a clearance sale at Colonial Patterns (makers/distributors of Aunt Martha's embroidery transfers I talked about on previous post), and sadly somethings will not be offered any longer (like the pre-printed quilt tops). I'm not affiliated with the company, but a happy customer and needlework enthusiast giving a heads up on a good sale in case you will like to check it out! Must admit I already placed an order ;-). I'm a bit disappointed that once the quilt tops are gone they will not be offered any longer, so naturally I ordered two among other goodies... before they are all gone.
Well, I think this post turned out a bit longer than expected... until next time!