Dreaming of Spring

Cold rainy days are not good for autoinflammatory illnesses. Despite the achey stiff joints... so thankfully I managed to get laundry done, just a couple of loads that were pending. Dinner is done too; Savory Herb Chicken with carrots, potatoes (in the electric multi-cooker pot done in less than 20 minutes) also added broccoli and a side of  rice. 
 Cold rainy weather is perfect for stews, and hearty soups... but I'm so looking forward to warmer weather and all the pretty blooms in spring! In the meantime I leave you with some eye candy from one of my Japanese embroidery books in my collection. My apologies if already posted about it... can't remember.
 This book is by Kazuko Aoki. Her specialty is on the embroidery of plants you may find in a flower or vegetable garden. This particular book is all about flowers, embroidered using common stitches.
 Perhaps in the future I'll post other tiny peeks of some of the other books in my collection by Kazuko Aoki. In fact there have been some already translated to English, I got one from Amazon, if you do a search you'll be able to preview it. It is entitled The Embroidered Garden... on one of my old posts (here) there is a peek of it.
 As I've mentioned in the past, I love Japanese embroidery books! A basic knowledge of embroidery is all you need in order to understand the well illustrated diagrams/pictures. The art of needlework transcends multi-cultural, international barriers!
Well, I better get dinner on the table! Until next time!