Winter Kitchen Towels

Couple of weeks ago I mentioned putting up the decorative winter towels,... and here they are!

Gray reminds me of snow days... how outcast the skies look before snowing.

This blue hue reminds me of winter too. Of course, that cute little birdie was the cherry on top! Perhaps the embroiderer could have used a smaller stem stitch and one less strand of floss to stitch the bird, in order to give it a cleaner look, just my opinion ;-). 

I used to have camellia bushes on my previous home, the flower vine on the towel remind me of them. May have to replace the bushes in the front of this home, not fond of the ones that the landscapers planted there. Flowers are so beautiful, so cheery for cold winter days. The crocheted edging is lovely too!

Curious, what do you do to keep things cozy and cheery in your home during winter? 
Next time I'll be sharing some springy embroidery patterns that you might enjoy! Until then!