Baking and Vintage Embroidery

My younger kid is on the mend, and I think the older one is catching the nasty cold.... again. There are so many different kinds of cold viruses out there that can make you sick back to back or with very little break in between, totally what has happened in our household. What's a mom to do to remain calm and carry on while nursing sick kiddos, keeping things clean, and in between cooking pots of chicken soup? My to go activities are: baking, stitching while listening to upbuilding mp3s or broadcasts, cat naps, reading, and browsing online for handicraft ideas, patterns, or new dinner/dessert recipes.
Found this recipe above by The Cafe Sucre Farine (on Pinterest). So easy, mixed by hand! Made a few modifications, and gave it a go. Really good with hot tea! Modifications: used whole milk vanilla yogurt, reduced granulated sugar to 3/4 cup, substituted one whole egg for 3 tbsp. egg whites. Baked in 12 cupcake cups for 23 minutes, and omitted the icing.

There are so many cute vintage embroidery patterns out there! Here are some I've been keeping on my "To Stitch" list for future embroidery projects. Above is one of my favorites! I'm actually saving a lightly cracked porcelain tea pot in order to use it for displaying a potted plant. Will like to stitch this pattern on a tea towel... for the teapot will use a cobalt blue, not sure yet about the flower plant (look like begonias?).  
These in public domain, out of print, vintage patterns below were kindly shared by Maria on Flickr, if you would like to stitch one or all, please visit her Flickr to get the patterns. The link below the picture should take you there.
Shared by Maria on Flickr
Days Of the Week (DOW) embroidery patterns were very popular...  there are lots of them out there! These seem to be very appropriate, the chores/activities remind me of vegetable and flower gardens that are currently being planned in areas like here, were winter will be making an exit in few weeks (hopefully!).
Will you be stitching one of these patterns above? Oh please share if you do! Will love to see it! Enjoy!
Off I go to heat up yesterday's left overs for dinner, and to snack on some tea and cake ;-). Till later!